A criminal group is behind me

a group of people are trying to harm me for their own profit and doing criminal activities.they are hidden and do their activities with the help of poor peoples by showing them opportunity to fulfill their greed.suppose you are sitting in a restaurant and order a cup of coffee.the waiter comes with your order which is low in quantity and in a dirty cup and give the bill of 200 instead of 50.when you refuse he start quarrel with you.when you get out of the restaurant suddenly a truck comes behind you and blow horn without any reason.you take a auto and instead of taking 5 rs he asks you 100 rs and when you refuse he starts quarreling with you like a labor and like a criminal or bad person.you buy vegetable from shop and instead of 12 rs shopkeeper asks you for 50 rs and same thing here happens.on every item this is happening.the group of criminals assures them that we will not do any thing.when i talk about this matter with them or ask them they refuse or dont tell any thing.this group has set some free peoples which are poor.they want me to commit a crime.my parents dont know about this because they are doing it naturally.not all are doing this but maximum are in this.the people who can do this who are some kind of bad type people or criminal type they send them to serve me.please help me. [deleted]