How to get Patta papers

Hello Sir/Madam, I am ankit from dehardun, uttarakhand currently living in rural area which comes under gram panchayat. We build our house here in gram panchayat land 1996 when uttarakhand was part of Uttar pradesh. At that time we build house on the verbal communication between my father and Pradhan of village that patta paper will be alloted with some time period and they took some amount regarding that, but time passes and we didn't get any paper or proof against that land. Also meanwhile as our family needs increases we did more construction of house and we are living here from 1998. Now we are afraid of been any of action which can be taken against us from government though we didn't received any notice it is just our thoughts, as we need secure future. whatever we earned we invested in our home to construct and to providing living facilities. We have bills of Electricity,water etc of last 15 years. Please let us know way to get some legal ownership over land or some type of alternative so that we can feel safe.