Legal Rights of a Working Married Woman Under Special HMA

I am a married woman 31 years . My marriage was an arranged marriage, where I first met my husband we liked each other and then our parents proceeded. My Husband's mother was diagnosed with liver cancer few months before I met my husband. Knowing every thing i still went for the relationship. we first met on 13th April 2013, post which my husband's father came to our house and since his mother was sick wanted to have the registered marriage as soon as possible and also suggested that if we could do a back data and click a picture to get the registered marriage done. They had put pressure on us for registered marriage keeping in context his mothers health, which was a big drama. Though my family did not agree for the registered marriage so soon but gave in as they told that his mothers health is deteriorating and also told that the social marriage would also take place as soon as possible. On that pretext we got engaged on 13th May 2013 and it was decided the social marriage would be happening on November 2013 . Our registered marriage happened on 26th July 2013. After which my husbands family showed their real picture. They postpones the date for November telling that it is not possible for them. When we offered them a different date the completely disagreed and told they were not interested in having any social marriage and that it can take place in any temple. After much arguing they agreed on a date in February 4th February and told that they will be discussing all final arrangements regarding the marriage in November 2013. Suddenly before the date of discussion my husbands father called in and told if we want to have a social marriage done, then we will have to do it in their terms and that the marriage will have to be done from their place and we will have to bear the cost of it. By this time I was already in a fix and so was my parents as the registered marriage was already done. After much arguing and discussion the marriage date was fixed on 4th February. My father in law had also taken INR 30000 from my father as cost of transportation for the marriage Till this I had a good relationship with my husband. But things drastically changed after iI moved in with my husband, he was like another person altogether, we have had major arguments. He took INR 8000 from me in the month of January in the pretext of paying rent as he was falling short of cash which he said he will return. He did return 3000 but when I asked him the rest 5000 as i need the money in March he told me that he has to pay for my food and taking me out who is going to pay for that. Both of us are working and earning good. But I realize that they had money intention in their mind. I have a lot of mental torture from the month of February which had also taken a toll on my health and work. My in Laws keep abusing my parents and me verbally. For them me and my family should me like a slave and bowing down to their every demand. For my mother in law a girl can never get sick and should work for her husband even you are slogging in office for 12 hours. I have been also forced by my husband couple of times to open a joint account and keep all my jewellery's either in his mom's locker or open an account here in Bangalore and keep it here. Some how I felt something was wrong and never agreed to it because of which there were major arguments. Also in between I had booked a apartment in my hometown Kolkata in my name which i had told my husband but not my in laws as I wanted to secure my future. This did not go down well with my husband. He keeps referring to me that I am paying the EMI on his expense, I do not take any penny from him. My in laws never utter on my apartment but they know of it and indirectly pressurize me on telling them. They expect me to put in money with thier son to buy an expensive apartment, which I would have if they were not money minded and I had that trust. My husband had asked me to put in money for house hold expenses as he pays for the rent to which I agreed and did not have any problem as we both are earning and should be sharing responsibility. Till this time my husbands behavior had changed completely. He gets tiffs of smallest of things and misbehaves both inside the house and publicly with me. He is also violent breaking and smashing things but never physically abused me only verbally. Though by this time I came to know of the harsh reality but I still sympathized with his mom and called her daily to talk to her and find out about her health. They are based out of Durgapur West Bengal. My husband is vey close to his mother of which she had taken undue advantage. She had even told me that I was not fit for their family and they would have never agreed to the marriage had their son not chosen me. they wanted to get him married to a rich family. My in Laws visited in the month of June for a month where thing went worse. My working times are different since i Support US. I go to office from 10 am to 4pm and then come home and work from 6pm till 12 am. My husband knew that clearly to which my in laws made a huge issue and mentally tortured me. My Mother in Law has a very restricted diet due to her sickness and this was the first time I was staying with them. We have a cook for which I pay . I used to ask her what she would like to have for lunch so that I can tell the cook to make that. She would always tell me to make whatever I Like and then when my husband came home she would complain that whatever I has asked the cook to make she could not eat. This was purposely done which I understood very clearly. She would interfere between me and my husband relating to every thing. which would create a big argument. I was mentally tortured. They should have understand that i am a working woman newly married and I too have a health to care of . They always passed comments about my family . As per them however their son behaved is justified. I have been taking this for a long time but I never back answered them as I am not bought up that way nether did my parents ever told anything to my husband and my In Laws. They went back after a month. After going back to Durgapur one fine day my Mother in Law calls my husband and the speaks to me and asks me to come down for 15 days as she was unwell. I did tell her that I ill speak to my manager and get back which too a weeks time . She literally abused me over the phone and told me not to show my attitude just because I was earning. I guess its ok if their own son is working and cannot come because of his office but the girl should be doing whatever asked whenever. I stopped speaking to my Mother In Law after that. I was hurt and also they are very low people and can abuse any body any where irrespective of people around. It was her Son's choice to marry a working girl Now I know because of money. My husband till date have not bothered to take us on our honeymoon when I ask him he says I do not deserve it. Things went worse with he behaving very badly and abusing me literally daily. He forced me to pay upfront INR 10000 to him every month which I am paying. This is not by choice but I was forced to pay as household expense. He even asked me to keep aside INR 7000 every month for buying stuffs Which I have disagreed, this was in a way i assume was like taking the dowry amount which they cannot ask directly. Recently my husbands job was at stake it was not sure that he would have his job or not. He behaved very nicely with me for couple of days and finally I thought that I would be happy. I also started speaking with my in laws forgetting the previous bitterness. My Husband and his mother had both forced me to see a psychiatrist as they think I am having mental trouble, which is a deliberate attempt to prove me sick. I have even asked them ok take me to a psychiatrist. But who knew it was short lived. As soon as his job was confirmed he was back to his old abusive misbehaving self. recently we have a major argument in which he told me not to come back home I was hurt and went off to our terrace and sat there for couple of hours I had not taken my phone with me. He knew that my mother was very sick, still he and his parents called my parents and verbally abused them and threaten them to break the marriage. His parents are behind breaking the marriage so that they can get him married to a rich family. They have abused my mother so much that she is now hospitalized and critical. They are so shameless that they think their action is justified and they have every right to say anything to anyone. as per my husband his family and his mother is all. They do not care about any other thing. His father even questioned my father that why do I support my parents financially, I should be actually using my salary as per their wish. I am very depressed and just have given up and need help. As much as I do not want this relationship to break but i do not see any future to it. My husband goes and discuss each and every thing to his mother and acts as per his mother's advice. I have never seen a person so shrewd that even suffering from cancer can have so much of cruel intention on her mind where as she should be only concentrating on getting better. i have few recording which I had tried to take of the arguments that I had with my husband where he ask me to pay him 10000 each month. Please let me know If I can have a family lawyer or counselor to discuss this and take necessary actions.