Abuse of Process by Co-Tenant in Civil Procedure

A Tenant 'X' in government records of a physically partitioned agriculture land abusing the process by filing a partition suit since last 11 years. This co-tenant is working for another Tenant 'Y' getting indirect profits from him who sold his part-land to a purchaser 'Z' and filed various civil cases and appeals, contempt against land purchase 'Z' on the grounds of undivided land - helping the co-tenant 'Y'; thus helping the him to get his sold land back. I am also a tenant having independent land with open well and residential house that is surrounded by fencing; and every tenant's land is surrounded by fencing. All tenants born on the land in different time between 40-50 years back either by gift, sale deed and Will from the landlord. We have proofs of his Malicious Prosecution or Abuse of Process of the Judiciary. Due to his hidden indirect profits from tenant 'Y' in the sold land and we are suffering a lot due to court stay. What are the provisions for Malicious Prosecution or Abuse of Process and compensations in Indian Law against tenant 'X' as he is not a co-tenant; just misusing the judiciary for his personal benefits.?