Divorce or any kind of settlement

Good evening, me and my husband Varun Kulshrestha serving under Indian Army has been married for more than 2and a half years were staying together at 3 different places like Palampur Udhampur and Dimapur. I am a well educated sports physiotherapist. My husband was completely aware about the nature of my work before marriage and he said I'll always get the opportunity to work... But instead I found it just opposite and places where he has posted were not adequate enough to give chances of me to work but still I did voluntary services everywhere without charging anything just to stay together with my husband. I have to adjust with all forms of social norms which army expects but I was doing it for the sake of our relationship. My relations were always very good with my in-laws whenever I visited them... In fact I did everything by myself on the occasion of my brother - in-law's marriage recently held on 25th April 2016.But recently my husband has to go on for a small course from July to Oct 2016to Mhow,and it is always not possible for me to accompany him every time to every place. So we decided together that I should take a job at Jaipur where my parents r staying. It was Done with our mutual consent. But yesterday night he drunk at dimapur and mentioned in the night he's not happy with me and was messaging from last night 12to 4am.Some talks were really useless and he mentions he can not make me happy in bed, and not able to remain happy. He switched off his phone and was messaging. When I ask to speak on a phone he said no and made excuses. So that I got disgusted and called up my in-laws at night that he's sending useless messages to me and saying he's not happy. So I asked them to intervene in between and clear ask him what exactly he wants. I called up my mother-in-law at least 5-6 times and ask her to talk to her son what exactly is his problems but instead she said I was the one who wanted to work outside and stay separated andblamed me entirely. My father - in - law mentioned that he's son is saying that if I had to stay together with him I should live with all his conditions. And showed no interest in counseling his son. I am not able to understand where I went wrong. Is that I could do anything legally since my in - laws and my husband are not calling and not showing any interest. They are behaving as if I have done something wrong and it's me and my parents duty to do everything and make up everything... Plus advise me how should I proceed.