I am a trader,suspect & sure that our manufacturer is lying,cheet

We have done contract with manufacturer, after the done agreement we make payment for goods, marketing and orders things will done by them only , as per him you will receive goods within 25 days and we will sold out 10-15 days. but goods will not come after 2 months also and then he said we have no client in your region so we will sold this other region where another distributor and will give the payment with margin rate as decided as per contract so i also agreed , so goods will directly send over there i dont really its send or not. even i ask about money he trying to keep time to extent to give some reason not comes payment form client , partner is not there, like giving fake excuses. now almost 3 months done. and they have issue cheque to us from there name of company/trader. we i deposited to our current account that also gets bounce. i have made payment all though white transaction .some of personal account /some current account and so please suggest how can i take action against them. even i just know 15 days before some other traders also gets cheet by them. (trader/manufacturer from mumbai only)