About fake promises

Sir, my name is meenakshi nautiyal,sir i was with a boy from last 6 months,however we never meet,but we talked online..,sir ,we dated through the consent of our parents,,,means it was fixed by parents,,,,,the boy is living in belgium ghent and pursuing his phd there,,,,,,,,,he said to me that he will come in november and we talked online,sir in this time we both become very intimate to each other,and this all was started by him,,,,,,,whatever he said i did for him,,,,,,,sir ,,,he used to say that i was made for him,,i am his future wife,,,and he used my emotions ,,,,,,this all continued,,,,we shared many things online ,,,,whenever i refused ,,he said that it is nothing wrong as i am his future wife,,,,,,,,,sir in the start of all this we talked about our past ,,,,,i told him about my boyfriend and he told me about his girlfriend,,,,,, sir ,now he is not talking to me ,,,and saying that i should marry to any other boy,,,,,sir ,now he is pointing on my character and saying that it is usual for me as i have a boyfriend earlier,,,,,sir ,,i want to know whether is this a cheating case or not,,,,,,,,,is it true to use a girl for lust only,,,sir,,is it justifiable to use a girl and saying that she had a boyfriend earlier,,,,,,,,sir please help ,,,what should i do,,,,should i file a case against him,,or not,,,,,,,,