Alimony in case of exparte divorce?

After my mom married my dad( It was arranged) there were tensions in both the family related to dowry issues. My maternal uncles were frustated over dowry claims as it was settled that there will be no dowry involved. Therefore they put a case on my father under 498A. Also mother was tortured for dowry. So then father and his family were taken into lockup for a day. After coming out father filed for divorce and the case continued. As there were financial setbacks on my mother’s family the case could not be carried out and my maternal family stopped responding to court summon orders. Now somehow the case was turned to ex parte divorce by my father’s family. And we(me and my mother) had no idea of such a divorce. So my mother just let it be. After 10years we came to know that there was some divorce. So my mother( now financially stable) filed for a case to rule out the exparte based on the fact that we were not given any correspondence of such a case. On 2014 the case was a success and the divorce was ruled out. As i am grown up for medical UG courses now, i need more money. But my mother doesnot have a surplus amount. I want my father to provide for my education but he is not responding. I am 19 now. So ho can i legally ask him for my education fees. Can the court help settle my ase. If so what case can i file to het my rights as his child.(PS. Father doesnot live with us.)