Domestic Violence

I Tarmeem Akhtar got married in 1990 I have three children, My husband use to abuse & beat me, In 2006 He beaten me with bat, Nabors called police, Police took me hospital a registered a case under IPC 1860 section 323, 341 & 506, My husband got bail & I went to Chhattisgarh my parental home. Then he put a case of guardianship case in Delhi, I came to Delhi & wanted to handover the children to him, But then children were studying so he said I will take custody after exams, After that he came to me & make a verbal commitment, That he will not repeat any violence in future & took all of us to Delhi, After month he told me to go back to Chhattisgarh & continue the study of children & will send money, Which he did three times & visited himself Chhattisgarh, I & my parents were feeling, things are normal, last year in the month of June he wanted to marry with someone, I & my family made objection, Then he took my two kids with him & Now in the month of May 2016 got married, I am here with my parents in Chhattisgarh, Want to put case for living right & maintenance, Please advise me what to do & where to do.