execute court recovery orders for property

respected sir / madam 1n 2004-05 we were selling our property and later on came to an aggreement (with purchasing party)with non registered sale deed. at the time of payment on april 05 they were not able to pay the rest of amt and forged the sale document (they changed the date of payment fron 13-4-05 to 23 -4-05) We send them notice regarding this as our lawyer said so. the judgement came out in 2009 and told us to return the money but they didnt take action against the opposite party because of the forging of document.even after the property dealer told that the date was 13-4 and hand writing expert has also mentioned/ proved that the document has been forged. the opposite party party appealed in upper court and the court rewarded them to take interest on the amt. now the court has ordered for the recovery of the amount and 1. why did the court told us to pay the amt and not considering the fact of forged document ? 2. how can we stop courts recovery order ?because this is our only residence. 3.within how many days we can appeal to upper court and under what possible reasons/conditions so high court shouldnt reject our appeal.