In road widening project suden order has pased to demolish bldg

I own a shop in a illegal building which is on main road and building is 40yrs old. today some road widening projects have started in thane n mumbai and are demolishing illegal buildings i stay in thane city in bhayandar where a person came and told us to take our things and make shop empty in one day and told ke after tomorrow we can come any time and demolish so my question is that todays slums and all which are from 10 yrs and are demolishing they get compensation so if we are staying illegal from 40 yrs then why before 40yrs you never told us and today suddenly so where should we go and we had applied for stay order today but please help me that how can we save our shop or we are ready to give shop but we need a shop in location like we had or money so how can we get this what all rules are their please let me know some imp points. building is 40yrs old in building no flats are present shops and on 1st floor school which is closed or shifted from 2 yrs as repairing was going on and on 3rd floor jain mandir is present so in this please help me ladies and gentlemen wid your vast knowledge