Final settlement not given by my ex employer

Dear sir, I was on the payroll of a company called business arts . I was recruited as a contract to hire to accenture from business arts. From accenture I was allocated to client location HP. Due to some personal reasons,I put my resignation with business arts on June 30 th. Also my project got over in HP, since I had put my resignation with my parent company they did not allocate me to new project and they released me immediately. My accenture manager too sent a mail saying that am released from accenture as well. I contacted Srinivas from business arts on what is the procedure he told he is not sure where I should serve my notice period and he said he will get back. But he never called back. I called him again to check. Even that time no response from him. I mailed those people but never got any reply from them. After few days srinivas told to talk to his manager Rakesh about it. I mailed him many times I did not get any reply. After that when I called him he told within 45 days your final settlement will be done. They only replied over phone never on my mails. After 45 days when I called him, he told the concerned payroll person is on leave and he needs 2 days time. After that he told my record is updated as absconding and he has to get approval from his manager to process my salary. Before he never mentioned any of these to me. Then he told it will be done by 22. When I called on 25 th Monday he told it will be surely done by the end of day. When I called him 26 th , he told that I have to write a mail to his manager prakash. He started saying I did not go by company policy. When I asked him few things he did not answer and told to start legal proceedings