False Case

An utterly False case was filed against my friend for causing grievous injury to XYZ and for dowry demand. During evidence, the injured party said that he did not know how he got injured. The Informant (who was not the injured person but had filed the said FIR on the ground of said injury and dowry demand) said that the only gift given to the accused at the time of her marriage was a piece of garment worth Rs.400, and further stated that there was never any quarrel between her and the accused about dowry. The injured party also applied for surrendering two prosecution witnesses who were his relatives, on the ground that they were not even present when the injury occurred -- his said Application was accepted by the court. There were also material discrepancies in the body-part where the injured party had alleged that he was hit and the injured part shown in the Medical Report. Thereafter, only the formal witness (investigating officer) and another false witness remained to be examined, but they were never examined. Suddenly, all the evidence on record of the court mysteriously disappeared -- but not before my friend had already taken certified copies of the same. Nobody knew the fate of the case because the advocates lost their files to white ants. Bu now it is rumoured that "NBW N/S" has been issued against my friend. What is the remedy for him, please?