ipc section 420 forgery case

My friend was arrested for having used duplicate bus pass and is at present on bail since 2003. He is convicted under ipc section 420 just for using duplicate bus pass just for travelling at Bangalore and without paying a Rs.1/- in the city bus. His case was rejected in the VI additional court, Bangalore and Fast Track Bangalore during 2007 and 2010 and the orders passed were 2 years imprisonment and Rs.500/-, he applied to court High court Bangalore and order passed is 6 months imprisonment and Rs.500/- fine, criminal revision petition was filed in the supreme court Delhi, but the Supreme Court Judge did not accept to give bail, instead passed the order to surrender the petitioner within 4 weeks and submit surrender certificate, but my friend did not surrender himself instead produced medical certificate suffering from fits and cannot be surrendered and requested for bail, but the supreme court judge dismissed the case for not submitting the surrender certificate. Now the lawyer is asking my friend to surrender. After his surrender and obtaining surrender certificate the lawyer he will apply for revision petition by submitting medical certificates of my friend (admission and discharge papers of the hospital where he was admitted during treatment). In this situation what can be done best, whether my friend has to surrender himself and submit the surrender certificate at the supreme court or once again without surrendering the lawyer can apply for revision petition. If so whether the Supreme Court will accept the revision appeal or not. It’s a matter of Rs.1/- and case is running for more than 11 years since 2003 to 2014. Please guide me in this matter.