Hindu boy and a Muslim girl.....facing critical situation

Hi, I am Hindu boy of age 24 and love a Muslim girl of age 24. We both live in different states. She was forcefully married to her cousin over Skype by making her emotional on a close relative's health condition and her signature was taken on some papers 2 weak ago. Their marriage is not consumed yet. She is asking divorce from her husband,he is ready for Talaq but not ready to sign any papers because of his parents anger. She is willing to leave her family because if they came to know about us or her talaq, they will going to kill her. few points to note: a. She don't have any ID except her educational certificates. b. She can not file for divorce in court of her State. c. Her husband can only give her an email for talaq. d. She is not allowed to go out, so she can only come for all things in final run only. e. I am the only one who is supposed to prepare everything for our marriage so she can come at right time and we can get married. f. She is considering suicide as her best option, if she don't get a way out. I know Talaq-ul-Ahsan will free her from her marriage without any waiting period just if her husband gave her a divorce verbally or in written. And there is no need for witness too. Now I need legal suggestions on following points: 1) I don't want her to convert and we want to marry with Special Marriage Act. 2) how we are going to proof that she is divorced without proper papers? Will affidavit work for that from her side? or what option do we have? 3)We don't want her family to know about our marriage, because of negative consequence. So what approaches we can use for our marriage. 4) If she converts to Hindu and want to marry in arya samaj to avoid complications in Special Marriage Act, still how we can proof her divorce. 5) Other than divorce papers, what things can be consider as proof of divorce in Muslims by court. We both love each other very much.....We both are not in favor of anything illegal and we want to live our life together as legal husband and wife. I can not let her commit suicide or killed/abused by her family. I am looking for best options for us. Thanks