Landlord not returning security deposit

Hello sir/madam, Me and my one friend shifted to this flat located in Pune where already 2girls were staying and other two were leaving for which they posted ads so us can replace them as ordinarily done for continue in the flat so me and my roommates shifted and gave 15k each as deposit and as 50 k is the deposit for the flat was already submitted by previous tenants our 15 k was returned to the ones who were leaving the flat at that time. We all signed the agreement with the owner which clearly mentions that 50k has been taken as deposit from the licensee and now after 11 months we all vacating the flat and asking for our security deposit back from the owner, 1. Firstly she is completely denying that mine and my friend's deposit is with her as it was 4-5 years back given by the very first tenants and not us,however everyone was continuing till date so it was going as a rotation commonly used everywhere how can she deny that mine and my friends deposit is not with her? As now we are vacating the flat and giving possession to her and we have a singed agreew with her. 2.the agreement we signed is for 1 year only and few damages which had occurred way before we entered into the agreement is now becoming our headache as now she is deducting high amount and not returning the security deposit to us by saying that there are minor issues here and there and charging way to amount compare to our estimate and asking us get our money to the person whom we had given our 15k , but how is that possible? It is assumed that our money is with her as possession is going to be with her and we are not continuing. 3. She is coming up with different and minute issues relating to flat and charging whatsoever amount just to deduct the money and not return any amount to us. 4. She has harrased us a lot and talked to us in a very defamatory manner Tell me what we can do Please help us