Land disputes

Good day Sir, I have two 2 questions. My mother own a land in Baikunthpur, chhattisgarh. The land registration made on the name of my uncle and mother in 1988 in single registration which doesn't have areas divided. At present my uncle want it to divide in such a way so that one passing road will come towards his side. However the road can be benifited to both if they leave about 30 ft space in front, Kindly advise how to legally resolve and in case if they agree to leave space what sort of paper/ documentation to be prepared. My grandfather left a will regarding his wealth. My father were three brothers. The will was made on the name the two youngest since the eldest one was married and was having sufficient wealth given by the grandfather to him seperately. There is a farm house of about 5 acre in Baikunthpur which has been registered in the name of my father and my uncle in 1988 after the death of grandfather. That time the eldest brother was senior in the family so both the youngest brother decided to give him the power of attorney of every thing, in 1989 the power of attorney given to the eldest brother, the PA was registered in Baikunthpur district surguja. After 5-6 month passed they had disputes and the power of attorney was cancelled officially by the youngest brothers. In 2012 the farm was sold to the eldest brother son by him only on the basis of the old PA which was kept with him. The registrtaion process of land done in Ambikapur district surguja but not in baikunthpur, he was trying to registered all the property to his son name but the Ambikapur officer incharged asked baikunthpur(alredy became district in 2000) to clarify other properties legaligasation and was rejected but any how this farm was not clrafied or intentionally done and it was registered to the name of his son without out notice. At present my father filed a suit in local baikunthpur court against his elder brother. Notice was sent to him to present in the court but the case is still pending because we donnot have the address of his son. Kindly advise if we can apply this directly to high court or any other way which can be faster. Please note in Baikunthpur we donot have advocate who cn promptly work on it and with sufficient knowledge.