2nd marriage

My name is meena. 31 years old. I lost my parents before three year. I had one elder brother. My father was an railway employee. He died when he was in service. My brother got love marriage when my father was in alive and my parents got worried in that marriage terms. After my father death my mom offer his job to me. I am also compelled to accept that. After that I miss mom also within the three months after my dads death. I got railway job. In my job place I got a excellent friend to guide my balance life. But my brother and his wife mistake the relationship And create a bad story in front of my relatives. After a long struggle I can't adjust with them. I leave from my house. When I was in hostel they give police complaint that my friend was married me as second wife. I clear all the things but his family and my surroundings never believe it. Finally I married him I know it's against law. But after the long conversation I don't have separate life. Now I was in pregnant. Three months. Now I want to know about the future life. If I got any problem towards my child. At any cost I need this child bcoz its giving a new meaning to my life. If I face any legal problems to my job... I need advice ... Pls share it.