My Wife left me and want divorce from me but i dont want.

Well its been just a year of marriage and my left me few days back and now she wants divorce on no grounds or even she make false claims on me theres no evidence or anything that she can prove those things in society or court, i just love my wife n want her back anyhow and i am in depression so seeking your help. well i want to stay with my wife but she said dont want to live life with you , i think positive and will try to solve the matter mutually but what if it goes legal, what can she do from her side to get an divorce and on what grounds ( Note- she wont b able to prove anything) and as i cant live alone for a long time how can i get her back maybe legally if it doesn't work mutually but i know i cant force her in any case but i just want to make her see i am not the one she complained about i have changed totally n no one can point me for anything. what will happen when i say no to divorce but she wants it how law help solving the issue ,, will law tell her to live me atleast for 6 months period so that she can watch for herself the changes in me and all around n think again,, please try to understand me i am not in a very good condition so please try to understand my query n help me accordingly coz i cant tell you everything in details!! thanks