Division of ancestral & self acquired property of father.

My elder brother is disallowed any share from self acquired property and has been asked to make choice in any one part of the agricultural land in up hills. and balance comes to me. Where as self acquired property has been willed to elder sister who is not married but has retired as government teacher with condition to be the owner till she lives but no authority to sell or gift ,as post her death I will be the successor of this property... as I am not financially settled. History : My brother when he lived combined with father had tried requesting to construct house on the roof of this self acquired to which father allowed and said to him to repair the roof of current with his support and then proceed but my brother refused to continue as he wanted the property in his name which father refuted immediately. Same was offer to me after 20 years when i was settled in job and i got the current house totally renovated(father made expense) and built the my house (purely on my earned income)on the roof... without any qualm to get it register in my name... but since then my brother had been envying and pressurizing father through outsider to allow him some share in the property as he was not allowed to construct on roof but younger (me) has influenced father & has been able to make his share... in the fathers property. My brother had never shared or contributed as family person without any responsibility to father mother well being or any sewa bhav but as a biological son he wants share from the property.Although he is living separate for last 20 years with his two adult son well settled and newly constructed home excursively by him on the roof of his wifes property but claims he is at mercy of his wife and he has been deprived from fathers side so basis that he wants share from fathers property. Though I am interested in getting my share from agriculture land which he is not but puts condition that uphill land division can happen only when division happens with fathers personally acquired property. His main intention is not replenish barren land nor allow me to flourish those agriculture land. Kindly give advice how to handle ...this issue as my brother is making hues and cries all around in relations about this .