What is maximum amount of maintenance CrPc 125 in state of U.P.

Dear Sir/Madam I got married 5.5 Years back and having a 4 year baby boy.From 2013 we are living separate, wife is living with her parents and has made many complaints against me in my workplace,in police station,women cell and sent a legal notice (under which she threaten me to give her 30K monthly maintenance other wise she will file case for dowery ,domestic violence and maintenance) and recently she has filed a case of maintenance under crpc 125.My net salary after deduction is approx 50K monthly in a govt organization. What I have done chronologically. 1. Given reply to legal notice through lawyer. 2. As per my lawyer advise I filed Restitution of conjugal rights but she did not appeared in any hearing and didn't accept any court summon finally court has given Ex-Party decision. 3. I had Taken RTI proof from organization where she is earning 11K monthly. Now there are lots of question in my mind before finalizing my counsel for 125 in different district where wife has filed this case. 1. What is the maximum amount of maintenance under CrPc 125 for wife and child in Uttar Pradesh?If wife is earning 11K monthly what will be amount of maintenance for wife and child? 2. What is the maximum amount of maintenance under DV in Uttar Pradesh. 3. If wife has filed maintenance under 125, could she again file maintenance under DV 4. Wife is sending notices through police to my official address to torture me even I have received every notice at my home address.In affidavit wife stated that she has no medium of earning as well as she is not capable of earning and she is burden on her parents.Though before receiving summon of this case I had inquired through RTI from her institute and as per RTI she is working since last 1.5 years with 11K salary. 5. Is there any law in favour of men if wife has given false statement in affidavit? She has made my life hell and i am under anti depression and anti anxiety treatment.Please help me what should I do? Can any court can give my parental right for my child ? Waiting for your valuable suggestions. Thanks & Regard Manoj singh.