Section - 377/498a / 504 / 506 / 325 after more than one year of

Respected Sir / Madam 1. My Marriage Date is [deleted] 2. She is not with me since [deleted] (Below 20 days Relation) 3. During 20 days no any sexual attachment as she was not agreed. 4. I Filed Section 9 in September 2013 5. She did not attended Section 9 Dates from september 013 to till date. 6. She Filed FIR Through D.J. Court in May 2014 after one year under sections (377 / 498a / 504 / 506 / 325) against us (Mother / 2 Elder Married Sister) 7. I got Arrest Stay after Writ Petition in Highcourt and presently on Interim Bail (Final Bail May be Consider according to the Merit of Law after mediation failure) 8. I am attending Mediation Date but she did not came in Mediation too. 9. Now in August 2014 she file Section 13 Divorce. 10. Now FIR is under investigation through I.O. (Sub Inspector - Police Station) may be he is also taken a black money from girl side. as he is also presurizing me for settlement. It is totally false case impact my mother died in this tension after 2 months hospitalization on 02nd July - 2014). They are Blackmailing us and seeking heavy amounts for settlement Before the FIR. Now i want to know that mediation is now on failure stage how can i get final bail on above sections. My lawyer told that u have to attend interim bail untill the chargesheet is not submitting in court by the I.O and you have to continue extend your Interim Bail uptill mediation is not failure. as she is not attended mediation on 3 dates and filed divorce case section 13 its understood that mediation is failure. Pls suggest what is the way now for final bail or any other option in this matter. Its totally false case they want to blackmail me to make money only. My mistake is only this that i did not enquired the past of girls before marriage. Now it has come to my notice that she was already engaged with other in past with a love relation. Thats why she can not leave with me one month too. Pls sir / madam suggest through your valuable answers i am so much frastrate. Her Jeeja is playing game through my wife as she is living with him since may 2013 month of my marriage and all address are on notice and fir is his jeejas address no parental address. Pls quick answer me her or my email is [deleted]