What should i do when my inlaws are doing torture on me.

I got married on 14feb2015 . From the month of march my inlaws started torchering me... Then don't even allow my husband to sit with me. My sister in law and my mother in law always used to call my husband and start putting negatives in his mind.. They don't even allow him to give me single penny. My husband os such a nice person but his sister and mother never let us live happy. And my mother in law use to do black magic on my husband so that it results to our fight.. Then they always teach my husband to abuse with me and now he started beating me.and now they started new thing my sister in law teach to my husband to fight me me and he tried to beat me and after that he himself make mark on his hand and then calling neighbour and stated that i maked a scratches on his hand...They are doing this because my husband is such a nice guy and i know he is happy with me but they are doing black magic on him. They always do different different things on my husband. Somethimes they give water and say we prayed so that your work will be succesfull.. My parents also came to talk to him but my mother in law and sister in law did not allow him to speak and start stating my mistakes..