Can father revoke property gifted to his son

Hello Sir, My father has 3 sons and one daughter. He was having one plot (2400 sq. yards) and one shop (building). Father's first business handed over to second son with building, father registered as gift to his second son. Father sold 1200 sq. yards from 2400 sq. yards, and started another business which is handed over to first son. Father constructed small houses in the remaining 1200 sq. yards. Father has registered 600 sq. yards to third son, as a gift. Before the registration, third son have cleared all the debts of his father and also given 3 lakhs to his father to get original document of the 1200 sq. yards property from the bank, since father has taken a loan from the bank on his property. Third son spent 25 lakhs rupees to his mother sick ness too, she is alive, these are all points consideration, father registered to his third son, which is 600 sq. yards with small houses, father registered in the registration office as gift apparently whole family members also signed on the same papers, but original copy of the registration documents are with father, now father is planning to cancel the registration of his third son without third son's concern. Is it possible to revoke third son’s property (600 sq. yards)? Note: third son does not have copy of the property document.