Asking money related matter.

Dear sir/madam, I want your valueable suggestion on one issue. I am working for a college and involved in admission process as a part of admission team. Few days back a person came to college for admission of his daughter through some reference for some direct seat,I asked him seat will be available on merit and rank basis. After that he came twice with different sources. We never contacted him and asked him to meet. Because seats were very few so filled. In between,because our college is an affiliate one,so some more seats available. To fill these seats,one member of college called some of the candidates who visited our campus previously and asked them to bring all documents and a fee cheque and she asked them your case can be considered,its not finalized. During this process one member contacted him and convey the same to him. That person came again yesterday morning in the college. I asked him there were only 2-3 seats available subject to approval by university and I filled the left over seats. Few more seats will be available by tuesday and I'll contact you and give one of the left over seat but the admission will be subject to approval by the university as for other candidates and we'll take undertaking for this. As soon as, I asked this to that fellow he got wild and angry and asked me you don't want to give admission then why your college called me. After this, he threatens me that I'll call police and ask them you are asking money for admission and my wife and daughter are the witness. But I asked him all admissions are subject to approval and it may take 10 to 15 days to finalize by the university. After that he got more wild and dialed 100 no.and gave an application to police that we are asking for money. However the truth is that all the leftover seats were subject to approval and we have taken undertaking in this regard from all. And we never asked for money and one more point is that he came with documents and a fee cheque only. This was the incidence of yesterday. However our seniors,management and other member are with us and there are several witnesses in the college of this incidence. I am from a lower middle class family and have no sources or approach. I have not done anything wrong but due to all this incidence, I am very much tensed and having mental pressure due to which I am not well from yesterday. As a common person it is a tough situation for me even I have not done anything. Please guide me what to do in this regard. I'll be very grateful to you.