How to send a Indian who is working/studying in other countrt

Hello sir , my sister was married in year 2009 . and after that my jija went back for his medical studies to some were in europe after our force my sister also went there he closed her in a room n dose wht possible mental heresment and after visa finished he was forced to go back.when c went to sasural they behave very cruelly and daily having theret n abuses was her routine.many more thins to say.... Sir one day a call come from my sis and c said c ws instanding on a road of Bangalore and her in laws has put them out of home and was beaten badly and they told go back to Varanasi bcoz c is no more of use and they were not here servent as c was pregnant.they beten n pushed her back of there home.we then arrange a flight to Bangalor and take her back. After few days her sasurs called him to kanpur taking full garuntee c then went back to sasural c diliverd a babby boy there while her father in law was continually mis behaving her.and her husband not even come to sea his son some more time passed any way.but one day when her father in law assaulted she run away to us told the hole story.we then filed a case on them . they then took stay on that yesterday was the hearing of dat stay but c they don't come to Allahabad high court they reached to Varanasi our residence were only my mother and my sisters son was present while other family members were went to ald high Court. Sir dey r offering for money to take Case back when v refused they started shooting and harnessing. Sir his all three sons r in europe now. And mother and father is also trying to get seteld their.v just want to now _ is thee any way to send then a notice to europe or where they are .v think if the prasure builds their my jija may come to India. ( my jija has come to our residence last year in march I think and told my sister that c dont file any case and in return he will live wid her for Ever but after 3 months after promising he went back and later v hard that all of there family members had left india but now his mother father has come back but all three sons didn't'. Sir plz show as way how can v catch them