Want advice for filing case against my inlaws and husband .

My husband is not talking to me since 2 months and my mother in law wants me to give her all my gold and mahr to her and i didnot give her i got pregnant and it happens every one vomits and feel nausea and not good in 1st 3-4 months of pregnancy i had urine infection , cystitis at that time and his father tells that i am mad .they wanted to fight with my parents they called my parents home and started saying many things i am mad i dont look good i dont eat food i dont work i took my gold and clothes with me to my parents house , my father heard everything they said and they said take ur daughter with you and show her in good hospital . I am staying in my parents house since 2 months i have texted him but he didnt reply . My father called him and he is saying i will stay by my fathers words i if she comes by her will then ok and he has to listen to what we say . After some days of marriage they started saying ur parents didnot give you this and this . Before marriage they didnot ask for dowry but after marriage they want everything like my gold , electric appliances, even ahe asked me to give mahr also.from that day my husband is not replying to my msg and not calling me . He tells every personal thing to his mother and sisters . Plz help me to get out of all this crap .... dont want to waste my time and life behind him who doest even care.