Motor Vehicle (Private Car)Registration FOR ADDRESS CHANGE

My son stays at hyderabad .he has purchased a honda jazz in august,2010 now he has been transferred to kolkata and as such he wants to bring his honda jazz car (year of registration is 23/08/2010) to kolkata .in the form 22 supplied by honda for initial certificate of compliance with pollution, standards, safty standards of components and road worthiness the certificate shows bharat stage iii compliant . but the motor vehicles department in kolkata wants euro iv /bharat stage iv standard for change in address,otherwise this cannot be kolkata my points for car manufacturer honda 1)bharat stage iv (equivalent euro iv) norm has been implemented in india in april ,2010 in ncr plus 13cities including hyderabad from where the car was purchased from an authorized dealer.but the car was purchased in august , could the manufacturer sell the car through an authorised dealer with an underrated polution certificate overriding the latest emission norms.recently a pollution certificate has been obtained on 01/08/2015 from one authorised pollution check centre of transport department of government of telengana .the report as per rule 115(2) of central motor vehicle rules 1989 states everything is in order as for co,hc and nox norms are concerned even maintaining as per bharat stage iv norms.even as per central pollution control board bharat stage-iv co( g/km)=1.0 and hc+ nox(g/km)= 0.18(combined) allowed norm is being maintained by the car 2)based on the above reports can i approach the manufacturer to issue me a fresh euroiv/bharat stage iv compliant certificate.moreover manufacturer can ask for a fresh polution check at their authorised service center and based on the report they can give a fresh euroiv/bharat stage iv compliant certificate 3)i may also approach honda international with all the details above to take it up with their india counter part to issue the certificate my points for motor vehicle department w.b government 1)in west bengal howrah district rto is saying that they are accepting one step below norm.ieincase of bs iv bs iii is allowed,but in kolkata it is not my residence fall within kolkata jurisdiction i am facing the problem 2)in other cities hyderabad/bangalore/chennai my son is taking the car ,but in kolkata why this is not allowed.actually this is regulated by central motor vehicle acts and rules.what is the guidence of central govt in this regard.if other states allow this can any state govt refuse it 3)in that case all the registration of all govt such cars in west bengal not adhering to bs iv norms should also be cancelled 4)is it feasible to dispose of a good conditioned car at an abnormal low price kindly offer your suggestions