Love marriage. Property share.

It was our love marriage. 13 yrs back in same cast. But my husband belongs middle class family. We are muslim caste. He was our tenant. My father agreed for our marriage. But my mother, brothers. Sisters. Were against. However he did our Nikah in Mosque. Our family members never spend single piase on us. But my father has kept everything for marriage. Like cash in lakhs. Jewelry. Household its.etc. but my mother and family members.never allowed to take from father. But my father is dead. Before dying he called me forgive me and told my mother to give her equal rights and next day he died. But my mother not gave me anything. After few days she stop allowing me to father house. And all of my family enjoying my fathers property rent and my marriage money. Jewelry. And they sold all my furniture. Etc . which was in lakhs. In between one of sister. Brother. They tried to kill me by giving me poison in juice. But I notice it. God saved me. Is their any law through which I can claim my Rights. Kindly adivce.