Full & final Settlement

I worked in an organization for One & half year. After 4-5 months of joining the company started delaying salaries. Till March 2014, my 4 months salary got due. I told my senior that I'm not even able to pay my house rent now; so I'll resign and please do my F & F. The Senior management keep on telling that they have arranged for a loan and we need not to worry. In March 2014 the company arranged for loan but it came to an surprise to me that only One month salary paid. I resigned out of my rage. My resignation not accepted and I was provided with an advance. Despite of several request & reminders the management kept on excusing that they are arranging for fund and will clear all dues in One shot. But nothing happened for us. The fund came into company account but no salary paid. In July 2014 we were asked to resign and get the full & final settlement by 15th of this month. Termination letters also issued stating One month notice. I resigned after a week as my confirmation was pending. now neither they receive call nor come to office. What to do. Please suggest.