NRI fraud marraige!

Hello, I am a physicist by profession and currently residing in Europe. I came to europe in 2009 to pursued my doctorate in physics. After finishing my doctorate last year, i got married to a guy from sindhi community whose family is also living in europe in Feb., 2014. The marriage ceremony was held in India but we could not able to registered marriage in India as the groom said that being a German citizen, he is not allowed to make our marriage officially in India. So, we need to filed our marriage application in europe. So, we filed our marriage application with respective europe authority after coming back from India. While filing the application, we both made our signature on marriage application and gave our consent for it. The authorities advised me to deposit a german language course to be a legal wife of a German citizen so i went back to India to do a language course with my in-laws family consent. But when i was in India suddenly he sent separation papers where he made it wrote that he doesn't want that marriage anymore and got cancelled the marraige application while stating that we both don't want this marriage anymore and that's y i went back to India. When i received the documents, i took the next flight to europe but he didn't open his house gate and called the police that i am standing his property. Now, i would like to know from experts team that how i can have justice in my case. And without having any legal proof rather than marriage CDS and photos, how can i filed a fraud case against him in India? Please reply asap! Thanks in advance..