Land cheating

Sir., We (20members) have purchased a land each 300 sq. yards from landowner in year 2005 with the cost of Rs. 180000/- each( each square yard cost Rs. 600/-) but the registration cost is about Rs.60000/-. After passing seven years i.e., in 2012 we noticed that the land owner is cheated by way selling this land 2nd time. We requested him to pay the amount with Rs.2/- interest “ or” show to us equivalent value land, but he denied., and arguing go to court “or” police sation. He refused our plea and argued like this., if police arrests me I will come by bail with in few hours and court will take nearly 10 years time to settle the matter at that time I may not available to you (because his age nearly 70 Years). 1. In this situation what we wiil do? 2. Is it court will take 10 years time to settle the matter? 3. How much compensation we will get? 4. At present the market value is Rs. 4500/= per sq. yard (1350000) and registration value is about Rs. 1500/- (450000/-) 5. Can we attach the properties of the landlord till settle the matter. And he is a very rich person and having lot of assets? 6. where we can file the case actually this case related to one of the district in Warangal , Andhrapradesh.? 7. Simultaenously shall we file case in police staion and court. 8. Individual filing of the case is better or group? 9. Approximately how much expediture will incure for the whole process. 10.If compensation is decided where we will collect the compensation, because landowner again threat to us, if we ask comensation as per the court ruling. Kindly guide me in this regard. Thank you sir.,