Violation of Privacy and Confidentiality

Hi, Brief situation where I stand now is, I've been working for a firm say 'SoftwareFirm' for two years where we worked for the client team say 'Client'. Now due to some issue 'SomeClient' has backed out and this has made 'SoftwareFirm' release all the employee belongs to 'Client'. We have given two months notice with the pay assured. On agreed date when I went back for 'SoftwareFirm' for final settlement and to complete exit formalities they were not ready to pay saying 'Client' has not payed 'SoftwareFirm'. In meanwhile Six months back I've imported laptop and tablets from USA using my personal fund for my personal usage and i have submitted all the required documents to the 'ReputedBank'. its Forex USD Transaction. The document named 'Import Form' with my sign supposed to stay between ME and 'ReputedBank' and its been leaked to 'SoftwareFirm'. Where I have not shared to anyone at all. This leak out can happen at two places. 1) 'SoftwareFirm' has misused power and able to take the document from 'ReputedBank' or 'SoftwareFirm' breached security system of bank and got this doc. 2) 'SoftwareFirm' might have hacked in to my [deleted] and taken document without my knowledge. Now my 'SoftwareFirm' is saying we don't pay you because you were working for some other entry in the world. The point to notice is 1) This transaction is I'm paying to USA firm to get the devices - where as 'SoftwareFirm' saying I've worked for them. 2) Transaction is NOT done from my Salary Account its a Savings Account I use for my personal usage - How do third person given access to my account. Also now I see that 'SomeFirm' trying to sabotage my image using words like 'disappearence','non-commitment','non-integrity','pain' etc in a mail chain with of top management of 'Client'. I'm got all email communication of things call logs and other important information about leakage of docs from 'ReputedBank'. Where do I stand with this all condition - please help me.