Infedility of husband

Me and my husband have been married from last 5 years and have a daughter of 3 years, His mom interference in our marriage played a vital role in our fights and mis understandings. Wherein he cheated on me 2.5 years ago when my daughter was just 6 months old..then again after that he just confessed that he has been dating a girl from last 6 months. After this his mom and brother have been supporting him and didn’t say anything to him..i have been mentally and emotionally tortured in this home. They have not been talking to me at all and supporting his son and brainwashing him against me and my daughter. Even after waiting for 1 and half months he has not done anything to make us believe that he won’t repeat this act ever. he says that he is not sure and he can do it again and its better if we get separated. He is not even thinking about his daughter future just thinking about his pleasure in life. I want an advice what should I do should I go to women cell or police complaint against this behavior..please advice!