Parental Property

Hi , I have a question non behalf on my mother. My grand parents adopted a boy (my uncle) assuming they don't have chances to have kids and few years later my mom was born. Biologically she is the only daughter of her parents.My grand father expired when my mother was below 5 years. My uncle sold the house of my grand parents taking the signature of my grand mother during her eye operation(cheated her or may be informed her or whatever , we don't have any idea about it). My mom asked granny about this and got an answer that meant that my uncle would pay my mom later. But that later time never actually came even after years. Now granny is unwell .And she is a burden for aunt as granny doesn't do any household chores right now ,in fact she needs aunt's help a lot to do basic activities of life. They aren't taking care of my granny well. When mom asked granny to come to my home and stay until she gets better granny refuses her . She doesn't want mom to do all the chores because she didn't pay any money of the property. We have issues to take care of granny as Dad may not agree for getting her home without any partition of property. What are we supposed to do now ? Can we go to court ? My granny would never blame her adopted kid in public and may not reveal the truths in court of law. I am holding back. Kindly suggest if her opinion is required or my mom has the right to get 50% of the property cos of the adopted kid.