token not refunded after cancellation of deal by seller

I have booked a flat in resale throuhg property dealer and mou was signed by both parties and by broker also but franking was not done as i was not aware. as per mou. 60 days was the time within which registration has to be done. on my part my loan was sanctioned but the sellter does not have the blue print. and for blue print i have waited more than the time given in mou and sellter send me the message on whatsup " I don't think blue print can be arrange. pl. give me your account no. i will pay your token amount" i said ok and given him my account no. this has happned in the morning. and by eveing i have got a good deal and go through. but at night approx 9.30 pm i got message from seller that blue pirnt is now availabe and we can proceed our deal. but i told her that now i am engaged in another deal. now she has refused to refund my token amount. i have all the details on record and my chat with the owner for the same. pl. advise me what the best i can do to take my token back. the seller is a lady regards sudhir