What some help.

Actually I wanted help for my mother who is assaulted by her husband. Her age is now 56yrs. We are two daughters. I am married and working and have a kid. My sister is in her last year of graduation. This domestic violence is going on when we were kids, now almost 27yrs happened. He don't like my mother. And there is no exrtra maritial affair of him. He drinks sometimes. He is always aggressive to my mother. He don't like to face her, always assaulting with bad words. Don't like to talk with me also. Because I had a love marriage(inter caste). Because of my parents fights, my sister is in depression(treatment is going on). Without reason he shouts to both of them. Friday itself I went to talk to him he started shouting to me and started giving me bad words and hitted both my mother and me with wooden stool. My mother was taken to hospital as she was bleeding like hell. Doc gave MCL we were not in condition to give police comp.I don't understand what to do please help me. He is an central gov employee. I don't want mother and sis to live with him. I want legal advice and what ever the expenses to both of them. My mother had filed police comp at 1992 before. She went to social worker also but no use in barc(case was suppressed by father's boss). He don't give money also to my mother. PLEASE ADVICE ME.