Spousal Support and Domestic violence

Sir, my mother is an 50 year old lady suffering with the cancer of breast and my father is an ex-railway employee retired this year only.After my0 mother was detected of a cancer case their(my father's and my Brother's)behaviour totally changed towards us.They thrown us out of the house my sister(unmarried),mother and me(unmarried and they are not giving us any maintenance.And if we try to go there they threaten us and behave very violently with us.My sister in law threaten that she will lodge d case of dowry if we stay and ask for anything.All of them beaten my mother and fractured her legs in my absence.I went to the local police station to complaint but they are not taking up saying its a family affair. I want to know if anything can be done in this regard to help my mother to gain her status and atleast get some money for maintenance as it is getting more and more tough surviving here. I am looking forward for a positive response from your side. Thanx in advance