A half ground fully built 2 storied building was surreptitiously sold (on the basis of the interim ruling my the Court) ¾ of their share by my estranged sister in connivance with my elder brother and brother in law for a pittance on 27th August, 2010( for 12 and half lakhs) . On the basis of the land prices effective then in Central Madras it would be around 26 - 30 lakhs! I alone have been living on the premises for the past 20 years (along with my father till he died in 2004). The settlement deed was executed by my father (at the behest of a lawyer) in favour of my elder sister. The building being inherited one by my father I contested and the Court gave the interim ruling thus justifying my contention. I have now (May, 2016)received three notices from the Court: (1) I.A. no. 5281/(dt 3rd May, 2016): to pay Rs.750 as court fee on 7th June - the scheduled date of appearance, (2) ) I.A. no. 5282/ I.A. no. 5283/4th May, 2016 : for them to implead the fifth petitioner(the purchaser) as the 5th defendant in the suit filed in 2004, O.S. no. 5051 ) (3) I.A. no. 5283/5th May,2016: to amend / modify the preliminary decree dt. 12.1.2010. My questionnaire: On appearance on the appointed day(7th June, 2016) 1. I do not want my lawyer to fight the case any more, I have complained to the Bar Council of India about him. Reply is pending 2. Can I oppose the plea to make the fifth petitioner(the purchaser) as the fifth defendant? 3.Can the preliminary decree be kept in abeyance/unattended till after ascertaining the true market value of the ¾ building purchased as obtained in the year of purchase(2010). 4. Since the intention is malafide (selling property without my knowledge, and without delineating the part of the building for sale) the fifth petitioner stands no legal sanction. 5.The purchaser had sent three Caveats every three months without legally owning the ¾ property( a property that cannot be divided physically) Sirs, I had sent a mail to the Director Inspector General of Registration and also Sub Registrar, Purasaiwalkam, Chennai on the irregularities in sale deed no. 3328/2010 (dt.27 August, 2010) on 27th October, 2010. This mail was sent as soon as I came to know of the sale. I am yet to hear from that office! The land was sold in connivance with my kin and the lawyers from both the sides in contravention of social justice.