My husband has filed a divource against me and harrasing me

Hi, i am a 30 years lady of samastipur . i was married with Prakash in year 2002. I have 2 kids. A daughter od age 9 years and a son of 6 years. we have spent approx 10 years altogether happily. I am doing LLB from samastipur and my husband is only 10th. He is almost 10 years older to me as well. He does not do anything. he is a drinker as well. His parents are govt employed and have a very good finencial status. in 2010 i joined an spoken english institute. after some time i started my own institution on partnership with a teacher. Infact My teacher had invested more but due to some mis understanding he planned to give up the institution but my husband filled an FIR (366a, 120B and 376 ) against him and forced me to give the false statement in the court but I did not. i denied from all false charges against my teacher. this was all not known to him. than my husband took me to his house and started torturing me and just after 2 months he again lodged and FIR against my teacher stating the same charge (366a,120b, 379, 376). He put my name as well as an accused. and made me to give a flase statement in the crpc 164 infront of CJM. My teacher had to spend 6 mnths in jail. Just after i gave the statement he forced me to leave him. he took my kids with him. In trial i gave the statement in favour of my teacher and he got bail from high court. In beetween just after my parents intervention my husband agreed to keep with him. just after some days he forced me to file a divorce ..he made me to sign the docs but i never appeared in the court. after some time the divorce case was dismissed. after some time my husband filed a divorce case against me stating that i have an extra marrital affaiar with my teacher and sumbmitted a false letter of my teacher in the court stating that earlier two case which was filed against him was all correct and he takes the responsiblities for the same . i did not appear in the court till the time case came in the position of ex party. I have now appeared in the court. My kids are still with my husband. moreover he has married again and has a son of 6 months. I want to fight against him moreover i want to put him behind bars. this case is of bihar plz guide me and obliged me . Plz write an e mail at [deleted]