My non citize husband was not divorced at time of marriage to me.

I got married to my husband in December of 2014. He had divorce papers that stated he divorced his wife. We got married, started immigration papers. I put the I 130 in petition of spouse. We had interview. They didn't make decision right away. We got a letter that stated the divorce was not valid. We then contacted the court the in Jordan, where he's from, and another paper was sent to us. This one says , that the prior wife divorced him, in October of 2015. Not sure why the first divorce document wasn't valid., but the second one says she divorced him. Problem is it was in October 2015, and we married in Dec 2014. What do we have to do. He honestly believed he divorced her. We didn't intentionally mean to commit any fraud. My husband came here in April of 2014. His visitor visa expired. He never went home, and we got married in Dec . I'm not sure the next step to do. Should we get remarried in another state? Then file the I 130 again??? Or now that his divorce is valid, does that make our marriage valid??? I am Christian and he is Muslim. If that makes a difference. I don't understand the divorce under the Sharia law. It makes this situation very difficult.