Tenant refusing to vacate (in Bangalore).

Please could I request help in resolving the issue I have with my tenant. He has been renting our flat in Central Bangalore since the last five years (since 2011), on a Leave & License agreement for 11 months, renewed periodically. It also states that the rental increase is 5% every 12 months in the same. The rental he is paying currently is well below the current market rate for the property. We are in need the property for my aged parents to stay as it is closer to the hospital they visit frequently and also their own home is in need of major repairs. We have informed the tenant last year that we would not renew the agreement and we need it for own purposes. We have followed it up by sending him muliple email and registered letter two months before the end of the agreement on 30 April 2016. However, he has refused to leave stating frivolous reasons like he cannot find a suitable property to house his furniture (he even said that if we buy the furniture for Rs 12 lakhs, he would leave!! - We refused to have anything to do with his furniture). He mentions that his own house will be available from Aug 2017 and he would vacate then. We have lost our trust in him and want our property back as soon as possible. Please tell us how to go about this?