Wife's rude behaviour

My wife staying with me in my father's flat. My say our marriage is dead but not reay for divorce. She force my parents to leave his own house. My mother is mental petient. My uses very filthy language. She doesn't respect me and my family. I have many mobile video and audio recordings for last 10 months. My wife and her father threat us to file police complain. My is working and earning equally. A. If she file any case can i transfer it on the ground that she is living with me and working here. B. Can my father file eviction case against me and my wife and how much time required for the case to be deposed in UP. C. Can she challeng mobile recording that I am recording intentionally and she usese filthy words in anger. D. Wife earning and not expending a single penny and household work and demanding servents is cruelty? E. She lives in seperate room not let me inside the room also she locked the room when go outside. F. She visits her parents house and office foreign tour without my knowledge.