Went Missing due to DV

Hello, I am a physically challenged female who had been married since 7 yrs. I am also chronic asthma patient. My husband was my colleague before marriage, he proposed me and convinced my family that he is well aware of my health and will take care of. However he did not inform his mother. I did called and explained my mother in law that my health is too weak and I have asthma, she said she is still ready for the wedding. After marriage I was harassed for every single and silly thing at home and also both of them used to call on mobile while at work. I was spending salary at home, doing house hold work and other official work too. I was still harassed by them. I had 2 preganancies where I was tortured and troubled alot. Its been more than 6 yrs I am getting hit every day in front of kids. Since I was not well, I could not decide what to do as asthma made me weak. So one day when I was in better health, I left house without informing anyone. My husband lodged a missing person complaints and hacked my account, he harassed my sisters and relatives and the police is still not taking my entire complain. Since I was alone and wandering between bus stops to find a shelter, i dont have any address where I was waiting. I moved out on 15th August and confronted police that I am back on 18th August 2014 at 20.00 hours. I was suffering from severe asthma, the police interrogated me for 45 minutes but did not take complain stating that today is public holiday and no one will sign on written complain. Now the police are harassing me with different questions. I want legal action against my husband and mother in law. Also want to know my rights to face police.