What I do after rejection of RCR Peition

Res Sir, I am 38 and my wife is 37 and having 2 years old daughter. I am working as a govt. servant and drawing salary 22000/- Pm and my wife is also working as a assistant professor in govt college and drawing salary 50000/- pm. She is living separately since 2 1/2 years with daughter. I tried to bring her back but she was not ready. So I filed a petition in April 2012 in Kutum Nyayalaya u/s 9 , After around 30 - 32 hearing she did not appeared a single time in the court & in the reply of notice her advocate gave the reason that because she is working so she have to live at other place. On this behalf of this reply court rejected my petition on the ground that because she is working so she have reason to live separately. After getting notice of u/s 9 she filed a case in Domestic Violence Act. that is also pending. Please help me, what should i do now. I tried to mutual divorce but she is not giving any reply. Neither she is ready to live with me and nor she is not leaving me. Please tell me - 1. What will the effect of rejection of RCR Appplication 2. After rejection of my RCR Petition can I file a divorce petition 3. After rejection of my RCR Petition what will the effect of DV Petition. 4. What should I do now, so I can free from this mental torture. Please help me