Grandson share in grandfather and son's shareinfather property !!

Hi , I want to know about the legal share of mine in my fathers and grandfather property. I am 30 yr old , married from 5 yrs with one kid.I have been living and running all expense of my family alone without any support from my parents . and i am the only son in family with a elder sister. I want to know if i want little financial support from my parents but they are not helping can i claim anything legaly in their property ?? And also my grandfather is no more he died in 2014 my grandmother is still alive . My grandfather have 2 son and 5 daughters .out of 2 sons my father is eldest and he have 1 son(me) and 1 daughter and other son of grandfather have 2 son . Now we have some farming lands in Uttar pradesh ,when my grandfather died he dint made any will and not even transfered the property to grandmother and their son. But now my uncle (chacha) had registered all the property of my grandfather on his ,my father and grandmother name as told to me . Do i have any legal share in property of my grandfather ?? If yes , how can i claim it as i dont have any property papers copies with me . And property is in uttar pradesh but i am staying in mumbai can i claim in mumbai court ?? Just guide me according to the latest law if i go legaly i will get something now soon but later .