Eviction of rouge tenant

Dear Sir, I had rented my shop premises to a person two years ago for 11 months. He had paid rent regularly and asked for renewal but this time for a long period of 3 years so that, he . Since he was paying rent regularly and I also wanted some consistancy in my regular income(Rental income is my major income for living) without knowing legality, I had made an agreement for 2 years 11 months. Though he was paying rent regularly, I found change in his attitude towards me during the second tenure. It was also noticed many times that every now and then, people come to his shop asking for dues and shout at him for not repaying in time. After one year, I went to him to remind him to pay excess rent which is as per the agreement. All of a sudden, he started abusing me in filthy words and said I will not pay anything, do what ever you want, In fit of anger, I also shouted at him and asked him to vacate the premises.He didn't stop there, He holded my colar and came to asault. me This was absolutely unusual, unwarranted and shocking for me. The I got back and went strait to police station lodged a complaint. In agreement, I have put a clause that, The owner reserves the right at any time during the tenancy period to take back the posession of the rented property with a notice of 3 months. Police said that, they cannot intervene in civil case. No action was taken against him for having tried to assault me but asked me to compromise with him, which, I denied out rightly. After that He is not even bothered to pay rent or even electricity bill. Now, I would like to know from you, that, whether our law helps him enjoy my property without paying rent for a long time or helps me to gain my property back which is the major source of income for me. What action I should take to get back my hard earned property. I have put my whole life saving to buy this property. Please help