Required advice for taking legal action to a reputed pvt lic

Dear Team, I have joined the Bajaj Life Insurance Co. Ltd in feb 2004 and got promotion as Dy Area Manager in 2006, again promoted as Divisional Manager in 2007. In 2008 my ZM (Kuntal Talukdar) intentionally forced me to join a division where company have taken a very strict step because of misspelling, financial fraud etc. They assure me that you just build the division and create a ethical environment in the division. In 2009-10 I became top DM in the region and got special invitation for meeting, but since the nature of ZM was not good towards me, so in the meanwhile he created lots of problem. They are as follows 1 Recommend HR to stop pay the bonus for 2007-08. 2 In every meeting he use call me that u r not able to handle the division, told several time to regional manager to create pressure on me 3 I suffered from serious stress and become patient of OCD in Apr 12 and I started taking the treatment immediately 4 I asked for a long leave as many leaves was due but never allow me to take the same 5 In Feb 13 he intentionally send the RM as that yr my performance was declined due to ill health and he took the meeting and told all Sales Manager to ask the customer to logged the misspelling case of 2007-08 as company is paying in some case of the customer, but it increased my points in greviance and my rank in India became more poor. 6 One day in May 13 my RM told me either accept your demotion or company will terminate you due to your nonperformance without giving any caution letter. In hurry as I was loosing my position I anyhow managed to request my old BM now ZM of North 2 to adjust me in his location, but NOC was required and ZM refused to give the same. I literary begged to provide the same and after the intervention by my old BM he given the same but unethically updated my termination in HR record. Anyhow my old BM (Ashwani Sharma) managed to change the record in HR by giving my old performance as SM but forcefully I accepted the demotion as Chief Branch Manager as I have completed nine plus yr in the company and after 10th I was eligible for pension. My salary decreased from 12lac pa to 8.75 lac pa. 7 Anyhow I completed my 10th yr and in jun 14 I resigned from BALIC and joined Reliance Life as Sr Territory Manager with only 10lac pa ctc 8 When I submitted my resignation it showed one month notice period but in my fnf they deducted 3 month notice period salary and prepared wrongly the fnf. After giving many mail they have not explained the reason of the deduction Now I want put a case on company as well as on Kuntal Talukdar and required a good compantiation from company and from him as my carrier and health suffered badly. Pls advice the way