Case about property in family

My father is an illiterate. due to that my uncle made my father to sign his property to his elder brother. that property contains total 8flats which is divided into two parts. backside 4 flats belongs to my father. frontside facing road his brother took. 7years back he done registration. as we don't have enough money for registration we made ours recently 7months back. both the flat agreements were done on the basis as a gift from my grandfather. My uncle who took the property told so many lies about our career and my father belived it bindly without any paper agreement. As we are only two girls for my father. His brother have 2sons they created a opinion as we are girls and property will belong to our husbands after marriage .. if sons took property they will continue to further generations. now the tenants on his side are making a mess As the tenant and my uncle together filed a case that my father is harrasing. we stay in one of our flats. and my uncle is away in another area. Can I file a case on my uncle for regaining our property site. how to forward case? will i get it back which we have lost?