Employer ready to accept resignation but with as absconding.

In my offer latter for notice period it is mention Your employment with the Company can also be terminated either by the Company or by you by giving the other party three months advance notice. If the Company terminates the employment and decides to relieve you before the completion of the notice period, the “Basic” component of the salary for the balance notice period would be paid to you. If at your request, the Company agrees to relieve you before serving the full notice period, you will be liable to pay the Company the “Basic” component of the salary for the balance notice period. However, please note that accepting any such early relieving request would be entirely at the discretion of the Company.On termination of your employment for any reason, you shall comply with the Company’s termination procedures, sign all documents and return all Company property. The Company will not be bound to pay the dues, if any, till you have completed all the separation procedures. Even With Payout For Short Notice, employere is not ready What Are The Option For Me now.They Are Not Giving Reliving Letter Instead They Report Employee As Absconded & Terminate Even Though Employee Resigned Properly But With Short Notice and ready for going court also.